4 Smart Ways to Use Social Videos for Your Marketing Goals

Raise your hands if you have gone a day without watching video on the Internet. Very few hands raised, right? It’s hard not to watch video online. In fact, a video is everywhere. Scroll down your Facebook feeds and you’ll see it there streaming without you even clicking on it. Search on Instagram, yup. There it is. You can’t escape from online videos. If you are a marketer or a small business owner, it’s time to embrace it. The good news is you don’t have to be a big enterprise with professional social videos team to take advantage.

The difference between social video and other types of video is important.

What are Social Videos?

Live video retain the authenticity, no matter what approach you take. Live video happens in real time and should feel like an open conversation between your brand and your audience. Social Videos can also include the pre-recorded video that has been edited to the channels unique sharing and viewing habits. The goal is to encourage engagement and sharing among your target audience. If your target is on social media, then your business should leverage video content on that platform.

Use Social Media to achieve Marketing Goals:

The power of social videos is leveraged to fuel company branding. It would be the effective strategy to showcase your company’s culture with video content, which is related to the company size.

Social Videos are not all about brand awareness, you can use it to meet marketing goals such as increasing conversions and sign ups.

1. Customer Support:

If your website is getting flooded with requests for tutorials and questions related to the topics, then video(s) can be the best solution.  You can start a YouTube channel for a video series, or even create short video for your Instagram page. Through videos, customers easily understand the point which is being stated by the support member. Customer’s expectations have risen with the scarcity of time, they need instant answers and want support on their terms, short videos help support teams to deliver faster, smarter, more personalized customer support.

2. Sales Promo or Announcement:

Any social platform is popular for promoting e-commerce. A short and catchy 5- to 30-second promo video is a great way to catch and hold people’s attention on social media.

Media theorist John Berger says that “seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before he/she can speak.” Videos allow a complete visual communication and help build emotional connections with people. Compared to image and text, a video is a completely different method of engaging audiences since the amount of information it can display in a second outweighs the amount of information that is read.

Texts vs. Social Videos


Three great reasons why videos have become an integral part of online promotion:

  1. Online video is cost-effective.
  2. Videos increase brand recognition.
  3. Online videos are inherently viral.

3. Live Stream:

Live social videos are an increasingly popular way to provide followers with information they are seeking, especially if your goal is to nurture existing customers. Because real-time video is like a conversation with your audience, it helps deepen their connection with your brand.

Attention is the new currency in businesses and is one of the most scarce resources that seem to be more craved for than…money itself. Likes, shares and comments, they are all forms of social media attention.

How to get them?

Well, a live streaming video might be the answer. It is no secret that social videos are becoming an increasingly important element of brands inbound marketing and live streaming can take your video marketing to a completely new level. Plus, due to its cost-effective production, a real-time streaming video is much more available for small businesses, but its not just limited to that!

4. Customer Testimonial:

Sharing success stories from your customers is a way to add new voices to the mix. In today’s fast-paced world, Videos have quickly become the most effective content medium in Internet marketing. Whether it’s a product video, live streaming event, or testimonial, video engages users unlike, any other alternative content form. And, this is the biggest reason of popularity of social videos.



The value of Video Testimonials:

  • 65 percent of your audience is inclined towards visual learning.
  • Website visitors are 64 percent more likely to follow through with a conversion after watching a video.
  • Online shoppers are 63 percent more likely to purchase a product if it has reviews and ratings.
  • 90 percent of online shoppers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Social media has so much potential that it is difficult for any business or brand to ignore it. Not only it can help a brand connect and engage with their target market, but it can also help drive traffic and increase conversions. Of course to do all that there’s one thing you’ll need in particular: Great social videos for marketing.

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