6 Ways To Make Better Live Videos On Social Media

At the initial stage of the business it is quite a significant challenge to get noticed on social media and over the top of it, creating relationships and brand authority is yet another task. Have you ever wondered why the amazing posts that you flood your social media with, don’t seem to be attracting enough interactions? If you are still oblivious to the impact of live streaming on social media – then the time has come now that you get to know about this weapon and include it in your web marketing strategy.
Let’s dive into 6 practical ways of making better live videos!

Shun Hesitation

An extremely common reason why people procrastinate going live is that they feel hesitant in front of the camera. Shyness is the main reason why they ignore such a substantial factor that can work wonders for their digital marketing. But the only way to battle off shyness is, by practicing with the mirror and recording while practicing so you get to know where you actually stand.  If you want to make engaging videos you ought to familiarize yourself with the audience you are targeting.

Plan Out Before You Execute

Who says you need to go in cold when doing live video?

Spontaneity should always get a bonus but it is always good if you prepare things beforehand.
It should be pre-decided that what topics are to be covered in the video or what you want your audience to get out of it, as well as what actions you want them to perform after. Make an outline around which your videos should be built so you have a clearer picture in your mind about which direction you need to follow for creating live videos. The outline should include a call to action to get viewers to visit your website, subscribe to your page, buy your product, etc.

Invest In Some Gear

Holding your video recorder for 10 minutes might seem like a good idea but believe me it is not. Initially, you will need a few most basic equipment, you’re going to want two pieces of equipment to improve your live videos:

  • A decent microphone
  • A sturdy tripod

The Audio quality of live videos makes a huge difference so think about getting a good mic. You will also want a tripod so that your videos are steady and not shaking all over the place.

Engage With Your Audience

With live streaming, you can have personalized interactions with your viewers. This will fetch you more audience involvement which would eventually benefit you and your business without looking as shrewd advertiser.

One of the best ways you can interact with the live audience is through an AMA (Ask Me Anything). It is recommended to do a live stream where you be the host and initiate to take questions from your viewers and answer them in a casual, light-hearted manner.

Here are a few tips for engaging with your audience:

  • Talk about your personal life
  • Offer something of value that your audience would be interested in
  • Give a funny reaction to people’s comments
  • Learn the art of keeping your audience engaged

Video Length

The moment you begin your live stream, it will take some time for a decent number of viewers to find their way to your video. Ideally, you should aim for minimum of 15 minutes of streaming time. This, on one hand will allow more people to join in while on another hand it gives a chance of effective engagement to viewers.

Beware Of Video Lag 

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that there is no video lag. There can be certain instances where you would be asking questions and not receiving answers for quite some time. Do a workaround by following up every question, or adding context or interesting anecdote so the audience gets the time to catch up with the lag.

I hope with these tips, you will be able to walk into the expertise of making visually attractive live videos that will net you more followers on social media and loyal customers for your business.