Always Create Insanely Shareable Content

The quickest way to approach newest audience and to gain masses of the social proof, you need to create highly shareable content that easily gets shared. It’s true that social media has been dubbed pay to play, but it would become really easy if you have highly engaging and shareable content, as the content will do the job for you, and ultimately you will rely less on paying for reach.

So, all you need to do is create engaging content.

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But it’s easier said than done, right?! Don’t worry, after reading this, you’ll easily create highly shareable content!

It’s true that creating highly engaging content is really tough. And you put all the efforts in creating perfect posts, researching, writing, proofreading, publishing and promoting. But, ultimately what happens?

No likes, no comments, and definitely no shares.

So, how you really going to get the content that gets shared easily on different social media platform.

There are 5 fundamental reasons why people are going to share your content on social media:-

1. Create more Brand Advocacy:

After liking your brand, suppose someone has started retweeting everything you did, and this keeps on growing every day… after 6 months you will have hundreds of people retweeting everything you did, just imagine how cool would that be!

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Be Proactive:

It’s not necessary that you have loads of people saying how great you’re, the need is to only get engaged with the perfect clients. If you want to create new relationships and keep up with existing relationships, make regular time in your diary to proactively go out and interact with people. The more conversations you’re having, the more reach you’re going to get on your posts because the algorithms on social media platforms now give preference to posts from people who you interact more with.

Be Reliable:

Brand advocates will share your content even without reading it in most cases – because they know what to expect from your content. They know the style, they know it will be great quality and they blindly trust you enough to share it without even reading.

So, keep on doing the good work and try your best with every post.

Let them in:

People can only be the fans of whom they really know a bit more, so let them in a bit more, tell you story and share things. Be humble and modest rather than bragging, tell people your flaws and allow them to feel something for you.

2. Tap into their Emotions:

If we can tap into emotions, we can unlock the power to move people into action. Tell your story, show your audience how much effort you’re really putting into it, what it means to you, show your training high altitude simulation mask you have to wear, show the miserable weather you’re out in… be honest, raw and open.

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Then really you’re ready for a massive engagement and huge traffic.

The emotions you can tap into on social media are: love, joy, disgust, anger, surprise, envy, amazement etc.

3. Appearance:

People will only share content online that aids them in their goals to portray themselves how they want to be seen, whether that’s helpful, caring, funny, smart, sexy, trendy and so on.

So we need to reverse engineer this and think about how we can create content that makes our audience look good by sharing.

You can grow incredibly fast by appealing target audiences own appearance. Now it’s your turn, how can your content make your audience look good by sharing your content. If you want more shares, help your audience look good with your content.

4. Always do Cause-based Content Marketing:

If you want more shares, align your brand with a cause that is both real and relevant. If you can align your brand with something your audience is passionate about and cares about then you hold the power to be shared. This is Cause-Based Content Marketing.

You can start a campaign with a cause for the welfare of the people in any particular area or age group.

For example, you can start a ‘Without drinking, Safe Driving Campaign’, and now just think of the people whose lives had been impacted by the drunk driving and they just want to promote safe driving. They will surely have a great impact of this message, and will definitely share this message.

Apply it to your Business:

Success in this area is all about developing the right strategy and executing it in an authentic, organic way that brings mutual benefit to everyone involved. So it needs to be real. But it also needs to support something relevant to your business and audience.

5. High Value:

Put more effort into making your content better and giving as much value as you could, to get the massive engagement.

Whenever you are going to write a blog post or article, always start with a lot of research doing, create unique images or posts, proofread it many times and then you can write a better post. And, you’ll start getting more shares than ever, more fans, more subscribers and more customers.

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So, always think how much value you’re giving to your content. If you’ve followed the full process of unique images, proof-reading etc, then surely you’ll get insane engagement.

Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

We’ve spent a ton of time researching and testing the ideas in this article so that we can help you as much as possible, not to mention spending all day writing this article!

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