Animaytor designs Disney level animations!

Easiest animation and animated explainer video creator with Hollywood studio level quality

Animated videos are just

And they're also the MOST stressful, time-consuming and can cost an arm and a leg to get created. And forget about learning to designing animated sales or marketing videos yourself, Picaso.

Or may you really could create Animated videos yourself, easily...

Introducing Animaytor.

Breakdown of what you get:

30 Done-for-You Animation Templates

Animated Videos on Demand

Automated Video Generator

Kinetic Animation Effects

NEW Text2SpeechFX Technology

Animate TransitionFX

1 Click VoiceSyncFX

Dual Timeline Editor

An incredible, new-generation video software that allows ANYONE to create animation videos without stressing, waiting months or breaking the piggy bank!

Animaytor is built with the 12 year old in mind, from the ground up, with ready-to-go templates, designs, animations, transitions, icons, voiceovers, music, effects and much, much more.

You get the finest animation without designing, video or technical skills!

Just point, click, edit and Animayte. In rush? Watch our quick walkthrough:

images   images

Here's the list of what you can create using Animaytor:



With 30 done-for-you animated templates, you can effortlessly create professionally engaging videos by simply point and clicking. You have ready-to-use templates that you can customize as much as you like. Change the animation, font, text, call to action or style -- everything is under your control! You won't need any editing skills or design background because everything is literally made for you!


Drag-n-Drop Animaytor

You can choose a template or start from scratch with a blank canvas. You can customize with ease, point and click to edit your content and effects for exciting and unique animated videos. You can drag every little thing on each slide to any position for perfect timing; change the duration and order of appearance too.


Automated 1 Click Slide Creator

It's easy. Simply paste your script or content and the software instantly creates your slides for you on your command. No need to paste your text line by line or slide by slide. Doing this saves you a ton of time! Gone are the days of manual slide editing and creation. You can now easily paste and go! Upload, click, tada! Instant slides done in seconds!


Kinetic Animation Effects

Thrill your viewers with transitions and text effects. Excite them with smooth moving elements, futuristic slide effects and appearances. Show them professional animation that you can achieve in just a few clicks. With all these movements going on, you'll never have a bored audience ever again.


Background WOW Themes

Pick a background of your choice that is the right fit for your audience in 1 click. With these done-for-you themes, you can easily preview, drag, drop and select the background you like. Choose pre-made themes without the hassle of creating them from scratch. Clone, edit and add new slides instantly!


TextFX Special

Flat and static display of videos is so 1990. You need to shock, awe and surprise your viewers to keep them glued to your videos. That's why you get multiple Entrance & Exit Directions with 120 combinations. Surprise your viewers with pro-quality effects. No more boring Powerpoints.



No time for a voiceover? No problem. We have you covered. Simply pick a voice and let SpeakFX do the talking for you. You have 40 voices to choose from depending on your preference in male or female voices across 19 languages! Bye bye Fiverr.


Dual Timeline Editor

Editing is a pain. Until now. It super easy, simple and fun. That's the experience you get with the beginner-friendly, yet precisioned interface, with multi layers for instant audio, sound and video edits for the ultimate director's cut. It's so easy, even a 12- year old can use it! Happy Spielberg'ing!


1 Click Perfect SyncFX

Ever watched a movie voice "synced" badly? It's annoying so become GREAT with SyncFX "exactly" where you want, before and after slides. Get FULL control of your production and get your timing to match up all with one click! No more amateur mistakes because you've got a pro dashboard to do the work!

Free Upgrade #1)

Google Cloud Website Hosting - 12 Months (worth $450/yr):

No need to pay extra for web hosting or end up getting some lame scammy useless hosting. Host your websites, landing pages, wordpress, emails etc on our Google Cloud powered servers...for FREE.

  • 5GB Store Space for Websites & Emails

  • 10GB Bandwidth monthly

  • Website Builder Included

  • 1-Click Install Any Software or CMS

  • Create your own branded Email IDs

  • Add your own domains

  • VineaSX Rockstart support

Free Upgrade #2)

Animaytor DFY Videos:

Want to get a head start? The Animaytor DFY or Done-For-You Videos gives you access to 100 brand new, freshly done for you animated videos. All you need to do download them and you can use these ready-made animated videos for pretty much anything, including:

  • Use them as Background video on your sales page/sales video to enchance its appearance

  • Use them as Sales video on your Squeeze Page/Landing Page

  • Generate an additional passive income stream

  • Use them as Promotional videos on Youtube, FB, Instagram or any other networking or website

  • Use them as corporate videos in various projects of your own or your clients

  • Create a demo website and charge monthly subscription amount to access these videos

Free Upgrade #3)

Animaytor Creatives:

Never use an image from Google and risk copyright infringement. With Animaytor Creatives you will get access to over 2000 Stock Images to use in your videos, presentations and more. And you get access to 100 professional fonts to write eye-catching text in videos.

These are the perfect set of graphics for creating videos that pop out, looks stunning and get more engagement.

Free Upgrade #4)

Animaytor Music:

No video is great without amazing sound track. Animaytor Music collection gives you access to 100s of popular, engaging and proven to get higher views background musics and music effects that you can use when creating your animated videos, for yourself and your clients.

Simply download these music files, import into Animaytor and start using them in your videos almost instantly. Did I mention they are absolutely amazing?

Free Upgrade #5)

Animaytor Agency:

give one of our agency theme as bonus.

Animaytor will let you create videos for not only yourself but also for your clients. What does that mean? It means more money and more sales! But if you really want to sell ready-made animated videos to your local and online clients, you'll need a professional agency business website.

Animatory Agency gives you a ready-made easy to setup Agency Website with custom paypal checkout so you can setup your video creation and marketing business online in minutes and start getting paid through your website.

And you get 100 unique logo designs to pick and design your new Video Agency business logo from. Heck, go ahead and even offer logo design services to your clients and make more money.

Free Upgrade #6)

AnimaySales Academy:

This training shows you how you can leverage the videos you're creating using Animaytor to make sales. If you want to sell anything online using Videos, it's actually not all that hard. Closing a sale is not the problem. Generating consistent, high-value sales using videos, that's the issue.

Using these high ticket sales secrets from this video course, you will learn how to maximize the return that you get for all your videos. It all boils down to being at the right place, talking about the right things at the right time with the right people.

Free Upgrade #7)

AnimayLeads Plugin:

With the AnimayLeads plugin you can enhance the user engagement of your Youtube videos and start building a bigger customers mailing list easily. Integrate any YouTube video and start converting right away. Use the time-stamps with the video to maximize interest and action.

With this plugin you can.

  • Create custom headlines and fill out the content the way you want.

  • Customize the color and design to perfect the presentation.

  • Discover New Leads.

  • Use Time-Stamps.

  • Use professional typography to better display your CTA and more.

Free Upgrade #8)

Subtitle Workshop (Client Usage Access):

Makes subtitle creating / editing / converting tasks almost a pleasure. The friendly and intuitive interface mixes easy to access menus and must have features with advanced functions and a remarkable speed and stability, drastically reducing subtitle editing time.

Free Upgrade #9)

Site Compiler (Client Usage Access):

A modern and friendly application that enables you to create basic websites with no need to have HTML or CSS knowledge. Create your website's main section by entering the site's name, title and description in the related fields easily.

Free Upgrade #10)

Videos For Profit (Reseller License):

You will discover how to make powerful demos, presentation and tutorials with just a smartphone, your pc & affordable tools. You will learn how simple tools, used in creative ways, can produce incredible results.

Free Upgrade #11)

Easy Video Spinner (Client Usage Access):

Create various versions of your videos so that you can target different keywords without getting penalized for uploading the same videos.

Free Upgrade #12)

Video Analytic PRO (Client Usage Access):

This plugin is the ultimate analytics that provides bloggers with live tracking, insightful data, and analysis of what videos are truly consumed on their sites.

Free Upgrade #13)

Mobile Video Extractor (Client Usage Access):

Extract parts of your favorite video files and convert them to format suitable for playback on your mobile device. Mobile Video Extractor has friendly and intuitive user interface with input video preview. Process is simple, fast and convenient.

Free Upgrade #14)

Video Dub Pro (Client Usage Access):

A video editing software which lets you delete unwanted parts from video files without re-encoding. And without re-encoding means without losing original quality. This is lossless video editing, which is very fast.

OTO Only Bonuses:

Free Upgrade #15)

Audio Dub (Client Usage Access):

An audio editing software that lets you delete unwanted parts from audio files without re-encoding. Without re-encoding means without losing original quality.

Free Upgrade #16)

Easy Video Sync Fixer (Client Usage Access):

A simple application capable of solving the problem of synchronization between the audio and video streams in a movie. This software can work with an one minute clip instead of the whole video to find the correct adjustment time.

Free Upgrade #17)

Video App Monarchy (Whitelabel License):

A tool that produces results for anyone who is struggling to generate traffic. The concept behind this plugin is to attract visitors based on video content that has to be unlocked first before it can be played.

Listen, Animated videos make you SELL. Save yourself the time and money, get Animaytor for a one-time founders deal price and create videos that matter.

Get Animaytor With My AniVideo Kit Upgrade

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