Content Marketing Ideas to make Engaging Content

Websites that consistently generate new, valuable, up-to-date and original content should see a steady increase in organic search traffic and improved positioning in search engine results. In order to drive traffic to your site, you must build up quality content and rank for key topics in your industry.

But, there are times when we all run out of content ideas and feel unsure about what content to create and share. So, we need to find the solution to this problem to help keep a constant stream of content marketing ideas flowing.

Here, in this post, you’ll learn about some content marketing ideas to discover the content your audience craves for.

1. Use your Social Media Analytics:

To find out what your audience likes is to use your social media analytics. BY checking your social media analytics, you’ll get to know what’s working and what’s not. You need to find your top posts on Facebook and Instagram with the native analytics. Then, what you have to do next is to re-create your top-performing posts.

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On Facebook, what you can do to search for your top-performing Facebook posts is to go to your Page Insights > Posts and manually look for posts with high reach or engagement.

For Instagram, you’ll need to have a business account. In your Business Account, under the “See More” section, you’ll find your top posts sorted by impressions. You can also sort it by engagement, reach, and more, and adjust the time period.

You can also find your top posts on other social media platforms using the respective native analysis.

For Buffered Customers,

If you’re using Business Plan, you can easily get the analytic information in your buffer dashboard. Go to your Analytics tab and then Posts report. Then, click on “Most Popular” to see your most-engaged posts.

After finding your top posts, try to find a pattern among them. Try to find if there are any common topics among your top posts or any common source. Also, try to find if any particular content type performs consistently better.

2. Post what your Audience Interested in:

The second strategy is to ask your audience. Always post, what they want you to share. If you would like open-ended replies, posting a question will be great. If you have a rough sense of what your audience might be interested in, you could create a poll and list a few options.

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Or, you could email your blog subscribers and ask them what they would like to see from you. Ask your subscribers what topics they enjoy the most and what topics they would like more from us.

3. Learn from your Industry Peers:

The next step is to learn from top working industry peers.

Look at the top pages in your industry and see what is working for them. If you have a similar target audience then what worked for them will likely work for you too. Search for the companies that you admire or which you can learn from. Maybe you get some idea because you share the same space or perhaps their way of marketing resonates with you.

On Facebook, you could use ‘Pages to Watch’. This feature will let you compare the performance of your page.

On Twitter, you could create a Twitter list of the companies that you would like to learn from and regularly check out what they share.

While it’s great to learn from your favorite companies, you might not want to follow them exactly. This is because ultimately your brand is different from theirs and you would likely want to be unique with what you’re sharing on your social media profiles.

4. Use a Content Research Tool:

You can use any of the content research tools like Buzzsumo, it’s like Google for most of the shared content. You can search for any keyword, and Buzzumo will show you the most shared content relevant to the keyword.

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Also, Buzzsumo breaks down the shared content by networks. So you can see if a piece of content is more popular on different social media platforms.

Buzzsumo also allows you to sort the results by the social network. And it would be a great way to find quality content to share on your social media profiles. For example, if an article has done really well on Twitter in general, it would likely resonate with your audience, provided that it is relevant to them.

5. Create your Marketing Image:

The fifth strategy is to create marketing personas. Your marketing personas will give you ideas on exactly what content to create and share on social media. A persona will tell about the key segment of your audience. For content marketing purposes, you need personas to help you deliver content that will be most relevant and useful to your audience.

Without personas, you may only be guessing what content your audience wants, which means you are more likely to revert to creating content around what you know best instead of around the information your audience is actively seeking.

Once you’ve done your marketing research and created your marketing image, you’ll have a better sense of your core audience’s goals and challenges, and what kind of content they prefer to read.

6. Keep an Eye on the General Trends:

The final strategy is to follow some social media trends. They will get you the knowledge about the type of content to post.

The top content format now is video. In social media trends 2018, we’ve found that video posts have highest average engagement ad twice the level of engagement of other post types on average. Also, 85 percent of businesses would like to create more videos in 2018.

So, I highly recommend you to experiment with few videos if your resources allow and see how they perform. You can start with the small videos without a big budget.

So, these were some of the steps you can follow to develop and create the kind content your audience asks for.  Through some of these solutions, you will get the constant stream of content ideas. And these content ideas will definitely let your audience to engage with and share.

I hope you’d like the post as it lets you curate engaging content to attract more and more audience. Let me know your opinions also if you’ve any other content ideas too, will add them in the next post.