Few Steps towards an Awesome Blog post

So, you’ve got a great idea about writing a blog post, but you’re bit confused about where to start from. But you should not worry about it, because this is something a lot of Bloggers go through.

If you’re stuck and you’re looking for help, go through this blog post. Here you’ll get some steps to write a perfect blog.

1. At first, pick up an appropriate topic:

Before writing about anything, you need to have a clear picture if what  you’re going to write about. Pick a topic in any niche you want to write on and you’re passionate about. Try to pick a topic that is interesting, motivational and has a positive influence on society.

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When you’re passionate about the something, it gets much easier for you to express your views about it, in an effective way.

2. Understand your Audience:

Understand whom you’re writing for so that you can create a piece of content that really speaks their language. This will help you connect with people.

Try to think from their perception, so that they feel related and cognate to the text they are reading. Think about their demographics and keep few points in mind while writing:

  • Keep in mind their age and gender.
  • Their location, whether rural or urban.
  • Their marital status.
  • Their education status.
  • Their income level.
  • Their personality type means their likes and dislikes.

3. Pick up a working Title:

Pick a title that roughly describes your topic. It can be rough, or the  perfect title. But it must explain the gist and the main message of your post.

4. Arrange the Content:

For better writing, you need to first arrange your content. Split your content into sections and give each section a heading. Make every heading very clear that what it is about. Describe it clearly to remove the ambiguity between all the headings.

You must emphasize on a key area under each topic that you want to cover for your reader. And, further describe everything accordingly that rotates around the key point to explain everything exactly.

After writing headings, add notes highlighting key points you want to discuss. Writing notes would be helpful in writing the main content later on.

5. Your intro plays the Key Role for your Posts:

Your intro is very important for your blog posts. It needs to grab your audience’s attention and get them hooked on reading the rest of your post. You must understand their perception and capture their interest within first few lines so that they love to dive through your post and they continue reading it.

You must give them the incentive to keep them reading. Show them that how you can relate to the user and the position they are in. You must explain to them how your post is going to solve their issues. So that they love to read it.

6. It’s time to start Writing:

It’s the time for your first draft. Walk through each of your headings and expand on the nodes you made earlier. Do not worry about spelling and grammar right now, just focus on getting your message across to your audience. Your content must be clear and meaningful.

There is a difference in writing a blog post and writing a term paper. Do not feel any burden or pressure while writing, write freely. Make your writing personal and try making a connection with the reader. Dont hesitate to show your true personality with your writing.

Explore more while writing. Before you start writing go to your “den” your ideal place for writing where you can remove all the distractions.

7. Proof Reading of your Post:

Read your post from the start to review it. Proofreading is must, so that you can find that where you need to make changes. Read and make notes of anything you want to revisit later.

Your writing must be in natural flow. Do not forget to add all the points you wanted to add. Your content must be to the point, make sure you do not add any unnecessary content. You must answer all the questions and solve all the problems of your readers that are related to the topic you are writing about .

8. Optimize for On-page SEO:

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Ultimately, you want that your post would be seen by a large group of people. Otherwise, no point of writing it. So you need to make sure that your webpage is optimized for the search engines. Some key points to make it SEO full are:

  • Write the best content for your writers.
  • Add your primary keywords in your titles and header tags.
  • Also, use the keywords in your alternative text for the images.

9. Add a Featured-Image:

Add a featured-image at last in your post which makes it stands out of the crowd of other posts. Your featured image must be eye-catchy. It must add a great punch to your posts.

Featured image is the identity of your blog post, it will be displayed on your archive page and when your post is shared on social media.

10. Add a CTA:

Once a reader has finished reading, present them with a prominent Call-To-Action to complete. Like you can ask your readers to sign-up to your newsletter once they reach at the end of the post.

These are all the foundation points that you will require to write a good post. Hope you gonna like the post and will definitely get the idea of writing a good blog post.

Let me know about your opinion. Also, write in the comment box below if you’ve any other ideas of writing a good blog post.