Get A Strong Visual Brand on Social Media

Engaging visual brand had grown increasingly important in digital marketing as the market expands–and it’s only going to continue picking up speed. Your visual content can either make or break your brand, and it means the difference between blending into the noise online or making your mark with a strong, instantly recognizable presence.

Is your visual content dynamic engaging and diverse?

It should be, because if you want to stand out on social media, first you must earn the attention of your audience.

And, you’ll need the visual marketing for your content to stand out from the crowd and it can expand your reach, boost engagement and get interaction churning.

Here are the 6 Ingredients to a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media:

1. Create Unique, Memorable and a Content that stands out:

“You brand is what people say about you after you leave the room.” –Jeff Bezos

So, be a brand that people like, even when you’re not in front of them.

In a matter of moments, your audience is making a decision. Will they stop and read or will they move on? So, here you need visual content because the right graphics can share your vision, expand the life of a product, sell a service or boost a campaign.

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Now, it comes to the visual marketing.

When you think of a strong visual brand identity, what comes to mind?

In most cases, the logo is the first thing you think of. From the website to offline marketing, a logo is an extension of that brand. According to a recent study, 45% of brand’s image comes from what they say and how they say it.

Some of the qualities to stand-out of the crowd are:

  • Unique
  • Versatile
  • Predictive
  • Responsible
  • Memorable
  • Adaptable
  • Confident

2. Don’t just Sell a Product or Service, Design an Experience:

Does your visual marketing only promote your business?

Stop making it all about YOU, instead let your visual marketing sell more than your business, product or service.

Design an experience around your business and brand. Remember, a good brand is built over time and that requires thought, strategy and consistent implementation.

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Some of the kinds of visual content that work best across social media:

  • Quotes
  • Data (Infographics, statistics)
  • Ebooks
  • Video (hot, hot, hot!)
  • Gifs/Memes
  • Behind the Scenes (a look into your business)
  • Tips and How-To’s
  • Questions

No matter how you’re using social media, just make sure that it’s hitting the mark.

3. Give Your Visuals a Plan, Purpose and Promise:

Before getting started, or before using visual marketing, you need to know the exact purpose, means what you want to get out of it, and then plan your way accordingly.

First, you’ve to find your identity, think about how people perceive your business.

There can be two steps for your visual marketing plan:

a. Plan ahead: Where do you want yourself-

You should have a measurable and achievable company marketing strategy. Dominant player in market through word of mouth marketing, influencer marketing, integrated marketing plan and defined customer acquisition campaigns. Put your graphics into the right position that can turn your business into the best possible light.

b. Try to identify your brand connection through your visuals-

Try to produce visual marketing that surprises, delights and educates the audience. Use visuals to tap into the head and heart of the audience. Understand their physical, emotional, and rational needs.

These are the basics to understand the customers’ need. Make your social media audience feel safe, confident and comfortable.

4. Be Consistent:

Only a consistent brand can build trust. It also doesn’t mean doing the same thing across every social channel.

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If Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all having unique audiences then why you’re treating them as if they’re same?

You each and every social media platform needs to visually stand out on its own.

To create consistency across different social media:

  • Name
  • Communication
  • Style
  • Logo
  • Color scheme
  • Tagline
  • Watermark
  • Graphic elements

With some of these elements, you can create consistency in your different social media platforms.

5. Try to strengthen your Brand’s Image by Choosing the Best Color Palette:

Choose a dominant color that mixes your message, voice, and identity. A color can send a powerful message about your brand, so make sure it’s strengthening your brand’s image.

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Think what it represents- Energy, vitality or creativity?

The psychology behind the brand colors:

  • Black: Conveys a message of power and authority.
  • Yellow: It is seen as fun, joyous and optimistic.
  • Orange: It is my brand color and one that embraces every aspect of my business.
  • Red: When we see red we think of “strength, adventure, energy and love.
  • Blue: It shows unique, trust, reliable or clear.
  • Green: Symbolizes balance, growth, and freshness and can also speak to financial stability.

6. Create content that tells Story:

Writing and creating content for the ear isn’t the same as creating it for the eye. 92% of consumers say they want brands to create content that tells a story.

For example, if I simply tweet that I just ran to get lunch, most probably you’d move on and possibly never come back. Now imagine if I tweeted a pic of my freshly baked pizza with homemade tomato sauce, dripping with mozzarella. If you’re a fellow pizza lover, all of sudden – your senses come alive.

This is the difference what I was talking about. Let your visual content become nuggets that drives sales, boosts your bottom line and connect customers to your brand.

Do more of what works! Share liberally across multiple social networks. Be bold, be daring, be vibrant, be YOU! Building a brand on social media takes time. Be patient, persistent and diligent in the pursuit of owning space in the mind of your audience.

Let me know your opinion about the blog post. And, use these ingredients to serve your brand as best!

Have a Great Time!