How To Avoid 8 Most Common SEO Mistakes

With lots of content being created, published and promoted, optimizing blogs, and websites become a crucial task in marketing strategies. It is extremely crucial to avoid making mistakes that might bring down the ranking of your page. In this blog I have mentioned 8 most common SEO mistake and how to resolve them.

Choosing inappropriate keywords

One of the most common mistakes that people make nowadays is choosing wrong keywords. When you are choosing keyword it is highly important to realize the potential word that your audience is more likely to choose. It is better to do background research to look for apt keywords.

Neglecting dated content

Many of us create tons of content; we publish it and then never look back at it again. But little did you know that you are leaving opportunities on the table by not refreshing the content by not updating it and eventually keeping it relevant for searchers. It is important to dig into the previously written content and blog posts, and refresh the topics that are evergreen and are still relevant.

Not recognizing the need for mobile experience

Users don’t have time to toil over a piece of content for a long time, thus they are looking for something that doesn’t take much time to comprehend and, is yet informative. If readers fail to see the value in the content they’ve clicked on they will not wait for any further and move on to another more relevant blog or article. Content in large blocks is a big turn-off for many readers, especially those using mobile devices. Always make sure to utilize heading tags to break the content. This will not only make it easy for users to scan content, but also send a positive signal to search engines.

Haphazard internal linking

Internal linking is the key. If internal linking is not appropriate then you are leaving a lot of your traffic astray. It is extremely necessary to keep a track of your top performing pages and placing the links of those pages. Excess of internal linking can look like unnecessary stuffing and it is recommended to avoid it.

Skipping Meta Titles & Descriptions        

Search engine optimization is incomplete without Meta Descriptions and Title Tags. Neglecting tag means a huge missed potential for content. Another most important technical detail that content marketers sometimes forget to include is image tags. The alt tags of the visuals must be included in the content because bot fail to see the picture but they can read alt tags.

 Taking Influencers For Granted

When you share something on social media one of the major concerns that you have is to get the utmost attention of the users who have myriads of followers on social media. The benefit that you are going to get is that their content is noticed by the target audience as well as search engines. Thus it will be advantageous to use their credibility for better outer reach.

Plagiarized Content

Sometimes there can be a temptation to use some of the best content that you might have created in past or the content that you might have read somewhere. Beware! This is one of the worst SEO mistakes that you could make that can spoil the ranking of your blog. Repeated and duplicate content simply doesn’t work. Instead, write original content so your website doesn’t get defamed.

Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

We have to get clear with the fact that producing more content then the competition doesn’t make any difference. What is the use of the content that is of no use for your audience? Do you think people have time to read your content just for the sake of it?  Before you start writing you need to create the content strategy that not only benefits the readers but also help in boosting your website and page rank. In fact you must take references for additional add-ons to your content.

I hope with this blog you got the idea to avoid SEO On-page mistakes that people most commonly make. If you like the blog, please share it with your friends and if you wish to give any suggestion,write it down in the comment section below.