‘Leads2List’- How to Free leads from Facebook!!!

Leads2List has the potential to get you UNLIMITED FACEBOOK LEADS straight to your autoresponder. It lets you build an ultimate list without the use of any website, opt-ins or fake emails. Yes, get your leads right from Facebook. You will get your prospects’ email ids, name and any other information that you will request for.

Some of the Outstanding Features are:

  • It lets you connect with any Facebook page in fraction of seconds.
  • Run Facebook lead-gen ads and send leads directly into your autoresponder.
  • Single setup runs forever. Leads keep pouring in without any maintenance.
  • Send welcome emails containing credentials to anyone who signs up.
  • 100% Accurate Facebook Emails. You can virtually guarantee this is the user’s main account.
  • Single click signup. Your prospect never has to fill-up any information.
  • Connect with multiple Facebook pages and multiple Auto-responders.

It works for you, no matter in which niche you are working:

  • Product Vendors
  • Affiliate Marketers8
  • e-Com Sellers
  • e-Cmail Marketers
  • Local Businesses
  • Amazon Sellers

It’s only 1-2, and you’re done!
Step1: Make Facebook leadgen ad.

Step2: Connect Leads2list to ad.

And you’re in, sit back & watch the leads pour in!!!

Also, you can get access to my exclusive bonus kit and OTO exclusive bonus kit. You get all these apps and training as a part of my bonus kit:

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2. Resellers License to Simple Social Expandable

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3. Resellers License to WP Engage Plus Plugin

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OTO Exclusive Bonuses:

1. Personal License to Lead Filter WP Plugin

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2. Resellers License to Xyber Email Assistant Software

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3. Personal License to WP Conversion Tracker

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Some additional new bonuses you can get:

1. Whitelabel License to FB Lead Capture

2. Whitelabel License to Digital Lock Down Software

3. Whitelabel License to Secure Password Generator

4. Whitelabel License to Azon Profit System

5. Whitelabel License to Simple Yahoo Cash

6. Whitelabel License to Popularity Posts Widget

And, the best part is:

  • You can target any audience and can run low-cost ads on Facebook.
  • There are prospects click on ads to subscribe.
  • You can take them to any location.
  • It’s the most powerful way to get leads on Facebook.

You should get this software as it can easily and instantly direct unlimited Facebook leads straight into your autoresponder. Use the power of Facebook leadgen ads to pull in a ton of fresh leads every day. Marketers who will translate that into a never ending inflow of sales and commissions.