‘MyPostBuilder’ Review- What’s Good and Bad in it!

Watch my detailed walkthrough and review video of MyPostBuilder.

MyPostBuilder is a brand new software that helps you build posts from top viral new, images or video sites very easily. With the help of MyPostBuilder, you can create a blog post that can get you 400% better rank on search engines.

It will let you have quality content from different viral sites. You can add the content that you want, on your site in few simple steps. All you’ve got to do is, choose the image, or video or simple text from best databases available according to your need.

What’s good and bad about it!

Summing it all, I’ve come to the point where I can clearly mention few things that are good about it, and few that are not up to the mark or simply need some modifications.


a). You can easily assemble your post from multiple sources.

b). Share on top 5 social media platform- Facebook, Twitter, Google , LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

c). It repackages the existing content easily.

d). It curates text, images, and videos also.

e). It also monetizes the content using built-in Amazon Associates product selection.

Not Good:

a). Website integration is limited (only 20 available).

b). You need to search each media type and website separately.

c). You can also get some irrelevant results.

Also, you can get access to my exclusive and OTO exclusive bonus kit. You get all these apps and training as a part of my bonus kit:

               Exclusive Bonuses:

1. Developer License to Target Generator

It’s the software that finds the most powerful keywords for your Facebook ad campaigns that get you massive traffic and stand out from the crowd with your unique content.

2. Resellers License to PageHat (50 Licenses)

It’s the first-ever full-page dynamic Call-to-Action Page Builder for Online Marketers who want to build the list of highly responsive buyers that quickly start generating you massive list, and improves your conversion too.

3. Resellers License to SocialNeos Pro

SocialNeos rewards customers for sharing content. It builds your list and creates a powerful Social Notification system just like Mobile Push Notifications. It lets you message your users any time, on any device! It’s the only viral traffic plugin you’ll ever need to turn any video or content into a List building machine very quickly.

4. Resellers License to 100 Ready-Made Niche Blogs

Here, you’ll get 100 ready-made blogs in any niche, packed with all the content you need to attract free search engine traffic, backlinks, visitors, and buyers. Each blog is wrapped in beautiful and high-converting blog design.

5. Resellers License to WP Engage Plus Plugin

Create engaging polls and conduct surveys to know the opinion of your visitors about your site!

               OTO Exclusive Bonuses:

1. Resellers License to WP Copy Guard

It SAFEGUARDS your blog content . Stop your valuable WordPress blog content being stolen and copied onto other peoples’ sites and boosts your traffic.

2. Lifetime Access to CurationNeos WebApp

This software searches, edits, and curates other people’s viral & trending content into your own unique, traffic- getting content in seconds.

3. Personal License to Turbo Instant Publisher

It quickly creates Facebook articles in just a few clicks of your mouse – No HTML experience is needed.

Some additional new bonuses you can get:

1. Whitelabel License to FB Lead Capture

2. Whitelabel License to Digital Lock Down Software

3. Whitelabel License to Secure Password Generator

4. Whitelabel License to Azon Profit System

5. Whitelabel License to Simple Yahoo Cash

6. Whitelabel License to Popularity Posts Widget

This was my honest review of the product ‘MyPostBuilder’. It’s the world’s best content-to-blog builder you will ever see. i will recommend this product to drive in traffic and for content promotion be as viral as everyone else on social media.