‘REDDULE’ Honest Review- What’s Good & Bad about it!


Watch my detailed walkthrough and review video of REDDULE.


‘Reddule’ is a training and software for getting targeted traffic and leads on autopilot from Reddit. It allows you to schedule and optimizes your reddits to take advantage of social media’s most viral marketing platform.

Posting on Reddit can ignite your views, likes, shares, followers, leads, and sales instantly. Reddit can flood your website with thousands of free visitors faster than you’d ever imagined. It turns your invisible YouTube videos, blogs, Facebook posts into free traffic.

What’s good and bad about it!

Summing it all, I’ve come to the point where I can clearly mention some things that are good in it, and some that need slight modifications.


a). It helps you find the right time to post that gets you viral traffic for your post.

b). It lets you find what to post for maximum clicks.

c). You will get email alerts and will get notified about the activities. So, no need to stick to your systems for long hours.

d). It lets you schedule your posts, no need to set reminders to post on the right time.

e). It simplifies Reddit’s karma etiquettes to ensure that your posts are seen.

f). It allows you to have access with multiple accounts in Commercial package by which you can service your clients’ account too to charge extra money.

g). Reddule Chrome Extension allows you to work outside the Reddule that allows you to import posts for your chosen subreddit and also create posts on WordPress on complete autopilot.

Not Good:

a). Subreddit suggestion is not up to the mark, needs some modification.

b). Time charts in UTC, which can be a little confusing.

c). To understand Reddule clearly, you need to go through the whole training bundle thoroughly.


Also, you can get access to my exclusive and OTO exclusive bonus kit. You get all these apps and training as a part of my bonus kit:

               Exclusive Bonuses:


1. Access to Reddule Traffic Training System



It will let you fully understand how to get results from Reddule quickly. With this 9 module HD video and audio program.  You’ll learn how to crush it on Reddit in a detailed, step-by-step blueprint.

2. Resellers License to Viral Social Auto Post:

It lets you auto-post on Facebook profile and Fan pages, Twitter, Tumblr, also on LinkedIn.


Just configure your accounts, define your content and sit relax as this software does all the work, syndicating your content out, increasing the audience and make your posts viral.

Also, you can enable auto-post for certain post types and categories.

3. Viral Video Traffic Platinum:


With this software, just uncover the best strategies and tips to get organic traffic quickly from your videos, including combining video with Reddit for viral traffic.

4. Resellers License to Viral List Building App:


This is the ultimate online marketing tool for WordPress. Quickly setup email opt-ins, custom ad pop-ups and slide-ins, and floating social bars to drive results and create a following.

5. Resellers License to Traffic Fresh:


This brand new software gets you free traffic using influential marketing hack to boost-up your sales and leads. It also gets you top influencers in your niche to share it and leverage their traffic to get more leads and sales.

6. Resellers License to WP Simple Geo:


It lets you reach to your audience in the fastest way possible. It’s the easiest way to generate commissions through your posts and generate as much traffic as you can.

7. Resellers License to WP Viral Click:


This plugin gets you a huge amount of visitors straight to your blog post. It’s a plug-n-play WP plugin that can get you all you need in few clicks of your mouse.

8. Lead Filter WP Plugin:


This plug-n-play new plugin lets you quickly and easily create interactive popups that allow your visitors to indicate whether they are agreed or not. Or simply they can answer in YES and NO to a question.

OTO Exclusive Bonuses:


1. Resellers License to Viral Recipe Creator:

This software lets users submit unique recipes right to your site you can then use to help submit to Reddit, bring traffic back to your blog, and eventually build a responsive list in the health/wellness niche.

2. Resellers License to WP Video Focus:


It allows you to clip your video and you can serve it as a widget in anywhere on your page.  This allows your videos to visibly continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it.

3. Resellers License to Email Timer Plus:


WP Email Timer Plus is a plugin that allows you to create beautiful countdown timers even INSIDE your emails! This will help to increase conversions, sales and also clickthrough rate inside your emails because the moment someone opens your email, they immediately see the timer ticking to zero and urging them to take action right away.

4. Whitelabel License to AppSpyPro:


It helps you find the keywords in most popular niches. It helps marketers to research, understand and pick-out the best-working niches in the iOS and Android stores.

5. Resellers License to YT Rank Analyzer:

It discovers how to dominate YouTube and build targeted list for free. Inside this product is an amazing tool that will help you do the technical stuff and make your campaign effort more productive and scalable.

6. Personal License to TurboZon Builder Pro:


It will help you save your time in posting the products you want to promote with your affiliate link.


Some additional new bonuses you can get:

1. Whitelabel License to FB Lead Capture

2. Whitelabel License to Digital Lock Down Software

3. Whitelabel License to Secure Password Generator

4. Whitelabel License to Azon Profit System

5. Whitelabel License to Simple Yahoo Cash

6. Whitelabel License to Popularity Posts Widget

That’s all about my review of this software. Inside this training, you will get biggest secrets to crush on Reddit in the detailed step-by-step blueprint. And, it simply means you can be making solid easy money! So, I highly recommend you this software and it gets with my bonus pack.