‘RivalKeywords’ Reviews- What’s Good & Bad in it!

Watch my detailed walkthrough and review video of RivalKeywords.



RivalKeywords is a powerful application that uncovers the profitable competitor keywords to get ranked for them. It also analyses Google for any keyword in any niche. It can get you the high traffic and low competition keywords very easily that any other won’t get.

It lets you see exactly how your competitors are optimizing to RANK for them. You are then in a position to optimize and RANK for these keywords yourself. Rival Keywords uses a New & Unique approach to getting Keywords Directly from Google. It will search for your keyword and then prompt Google to reveal other keywords used for finding sites that RANK on page #1.

What’s good and bad about it!

After analyzing its performance, I’ve noticed some of the best parts of the software, while few of them are not that good and need slight changes. I am going to list some of the points below that will help you to decide whether to get this product or not.


a). Discover profitable keywords in your niche.

b). It boosts your target traffic by ranking for targeted keywords.

c). Select from over 100 Google locations and search in any language of your choice.

d). Multi threads allow searching for multiple keywords at a time and for faster speeds.

e). You can easily get to know what’s actually working for your competitors.

f). Compiles 1000 of keywords in seconds.

Not Good:

a). It requires 3rd party text-editor.

b). It’s not cloud-based (desktop only).

Also, you can get access to my Exclusive and OTO exclusive bonus kit. You get all these apps and training as a part of my bonus kit:

Exclusive Bonuses:

1. Resellers License to WP Viral Click

Plug-and-play WP plugin will get in myriads of visitors straight to your blog and the best part is that you only need a few clicks of your mouse to generate this kind of insane traffic!

This software is the short way to get you the massive traffic within minutes.

2. Resellers License to Simple Social Expandable

This WordPress plugin adds social network buttons and five social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Google plus, twitter, and Pinterest to your WP blogs!

3. Resellers License to AKBooster

AK Booster pro can help you gain a massive advantage over your competitors… and maximizes your profits in a snap… find profitable, easy to rank, kindle niches in minutes and promote your book to thousands of buyers who are looking for a produt like yours, to rake in loads of traffic.

OTO Exclusive Bonuses:

1. Whitelabel License to AppSpyPro

AppSpyPro help entrepreneurs and marketers research, understand and pick out the niches in the Android and iOS app stores. With a single click of the mouse, the software scans the app marketplaces and ranks each niche with the score that helps you decide if it’s worth building an app for or not.

2. Resellers License to Digital Lock Down Software

It is an amazing software that will get rid and stop hackers from invading your digital product. This software is necessary for the security of your product.

3. Personal License to WP Conversion Tracker

With this plugin, you can improve website conversions based on smart data, know all about your website visitors and rapidly identify the traffic investment that is lucrative and has the potential of producing most money for you.

Some additional new bonuses you can get:

1. Whitelabel License to FB Lead Capture

2. Whitelabel License to Digital Lock Down Software

3. Whitelabel License to Secure Password Generator

4. Whitelabel License to Azon Profit System

5. Whitelabel License to Simple Yahoo Cash

6. Whitelabel License to Popularity Posts Widget

I hope you’ll get some idea about whether this product is beneficial for you or not. But in expert’s opinion, you must get this software as it can get you high-traffic, low-competition, and super-profitable buyer keywords to rank you #1 high on Google.