Some Social Marketing Tips for Facebook Groups

The best way to connect with your audience through Facebook in 2018 without increasing ad budget is to create and participate regularly in Facebook groups. Don’t build a group, be a part of Facebook group & then just spam them with links to your website.

So how do you make Facebook Groups part of your advanced Facebook marketing strategies?

Here are some of the important points:

1. Keep a Goal in your Mind:

Before starting anything, you must have in your mind that what you want to get out of maintaining a Facebook Group. Set-up a goal:

  • Do you want to spread brand awareness among people who are still not aware of your brand or products you offer?
  • Are you trying to deepen your connection with the people who are aware of your brand?
    • Or, are you trying to deepen your connection with the people who are already your customers to buy more from your brand?

And keep the SMART framework in mind. As your goal must be:

  • Specific: Like “Increase Facebook Engagement by 15%” instead of “Increase Facebook Engagement”.
  • Measurable: A proper measurement system to check how you’re getting forward towards your goal.
  • Attainable: You also need to make sure you have the resources in place to attain your goal with Facebook Groups.
  • Relevant: Your goal must be relevant to your business. Like, why do you actually want to increase engagement on Facebook?
  • Time-Bound: Not “Increase Facebook engagement by 10%,” but “Increase Facebook engagement by 10% by EOQ.”

2. Provide Real Value to the Members of your Facebook Group:

Why would anyone want to join your Facebook group? How you’re going to provide the benefits? Provide real ongoing value to the members of your group. And how you’re supposed to do that:

  • Support from your brand.
  • Support from some other members.
  • Exclusive deals.
  • Influencers QnA’s.

In the start, anyone can get a lot of members, but if you don’t serve them with the real value, like what they deserve, you’ll quickly lose them. And with the real ongoing value, you can constantly serve them with the real content as they want.

3. Choose your Facebook Group Status:

It means whether you want your Facebook group to be public, closed or secret.

Explanation of attributes of Public, Closed and Secret Group

I recommend you to choose whether Closed or Secret settings. As these two will make your group more enticing to users who do become members, especially if your goal is to increase brand awareness.

4. Try not to Make your Group a Sales Forum:

Always keep in mind that your Facebook group is to communicate with one another, and the place for the members to ask questions. That’s not a sales forum. So, the minute you get extra salesy, is the minute you start losing your members.

Your way of communicating in the group should be:

  • Conversational
  • Serves up the benefits clearly and casually
  • Offers to help alleviate struggles
  • Emits no pressure

5. Let Them Talk:

You should not get involved in every conversation in your group. Let people discuss the topic they’re passionate about.

With it, they will take interest in your brand and if the conversation is going strong and if it includes a question you can immediately answer, stand back.

6. You can Start the Conversation with the Challenge:

It will enhance the interest of the group members. Like, does anyone know what our average speed is measured in? or, does anyone know how we can boost our traffic through social media? and likewise.

Publicize the challenges that you create via email, social and in-store channels. And, a time-bound challenge increases the members’ interest even more, especially if there is a prize or personal achievement attached.

7. Build Online and Offline Events:

You can also use your Facebook group to build awareness about online and offline events.


You can also host weekly or monthly conversations and topic starters in your Facebook Group to keep the momentum going. Brand these with a name of your own, and crowd-sourced future topics to generate more engagement.

Think of your Facebook Group as a garden that needs to be slowly seeded and nurtured regularly, rather than a tree you can plant once and let grow wild in the elements. The more people interact with your content and one another in your Facebook Group, the more likely they are going to see this content in their normal Facebook feeds, and the greater rewards your brand will reap.

Let me know your opinion about the blog post if you feel the same for increasing social media marketing through Facebook groups.