Turn your Ordinary Social Media Conversation into Actionable Sales Leads

Engagement is the key to the success of social media marketing- that is why brands that drive more engagement from their audience are generally rewarded with better visibility and organic reach.

In today’s social media world, it is very tough to get a large number of followers, an engaged audience, and a boost in organic visibility. And, what’s next? It’s not the end goal. Yes.

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If you’ve already mastered the strategy of social media engagement, you’re partway to the finish line. But do you know the skill of translating ordinary social media conversations into actionable sales leads?

1. Dig into Your Data:

Go through your data to know which social media platform can generate most leads for your business. Start  from there. Then, try & find out what your audience is talking about on social media and how it relates to your brand. Don’t just focus on the conversations happening on your social media pages and profiles. Instead, branch out into relevant groups and pages where people are engaging in real conversations.

Through the search capabilities of social networks like Facebook and Twitter it would be easy to discover these conversations.

2. Conversations can be Used to Uncover Hidden Objections:

Social media users share everything on the social media, so always dive into the conversations of your target customers for the valuable insights about struggles they are facing while purchasing the products and, what stops them from buying. Start asking questions to them about their purchase- on your brand’s social media purchase profiles.

Do not let your customers feel ignored, because if they once feel ignored, they don’t often turn into the regular customers. So, once you’ve engaged with them in conversation, you must follow through.

3. Provide them Offers that Deliver more Value:

It’s not really tough to get your customers to sign up for free. The real task is to keep them engaged and move them through the sales funnel. You need to deliver real value at every step. Use the insights you gained from conversation and data mining to develop targeted offers and valuable content that answers questions and helps to overcome buying objections. Always use case studies to showcase how your products and services can help them increase ROI.

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Provide them the real offers that deliver them more value and get them the best offer.

4. Make Sharing Simple: 

Your followers can be the best marketing tool at the time when your content and your offers need to get more eyes. When you offer compelling content and valuable experiences, make it simple for followers to share. Make sharing practically effortless by placing social media share buttons on your site. With conveniently located, prominent share buttons, you’ll lower the risk of losing out on a potential social share because nobody will be interested in copying and pasting the URL to create a new social media post.

5. Incorporate a Call-to-Action:

Do not forget to ask what you actually want, otherwise, you’re not going to get that. So, always incorporate a clear CTA.

Try to add some action words, like:

  • Download
  • Click here to…
  • Learn more
  • Get your copy

Try to add some urgency situation through your phrases:

  • Last Reminder!
  • It’s Almost Gone!
  • Last Day!

A great CTA button can direct users, to your desired action, improve conversion rates, and ultimately help your website achieve its defined objectives.

5. Your Social Media Landing Pages must be Social Media Platform Specific:

Once you’ve earned that coveted click, you’ve gotten their attention—but that’s not enough, you have to keep their attention intact. Landing pages should be concise and compelling, offering a value substantial enough to earn the prospect’s email address or other contact information. And, if you’re successful in doing that, your followers would become your permanent customers.

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From there, you can qualify them, kick off automated, personalized drip campaigns, and implement the other lead nurturing measures to pass through the sales funnel.

Although this process will apparently help you turn conversations into actionable sales leads, it’s not a once-and-done initiative. Marketing means constantly monitoring conversations to stay in-tune with your audience, testing and optimizing your messaging, and targeting your offers to their current and most pressing needs and wants.

Hope you liked the post, to get the sales leads as you want. Let me know your opinions so that I can write even better the next time.