Rethink about the ways you create Facebook Videos

The best way to draw additional attention to your content is to add videos. Today Facebook videos become popular, with both companies and individuals using the medium more than ever, in the hope of getting more engagement. And with the addition of Facebook Live, people now have even more tools for creating video content, right at their fingertips.

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Always be sure that you use the Facebook videos wisely to get the best results. Simply posting a random clip on your page isn’t enough to get you the appropriate traffic.

Everything from the topic chosen, timeline of the video, the content itself, and the amount of text will affect your results, and getting it wrong could result in the failure of the video.

On this, some recent data collected by BuzzSumo, an exceptional tool that helps you identify popular content, is mind-blowing.

After analyzing 100 million Facebook videos that were published last year, the director at BuzzSumo used the data to determine the key factors which lead to more engagement with Facebook videos.

So, here I want to discuss some of the insights that can help you create high-quality videos to get more likes and comments.

1. Video Rules Engagement:

A video is the best way to reach your audience. Based on data from April 2017, the average video post caught the attention of 12.05% of the total page audience. Photos grabbed 11.63%, while links and status update only captured 7.81% and 4.56% respectively.

Even the publishers, who have reach great number of followers through other forms of content, like text articles on their own sites, they admit to have observed the highest rate of engagement with Facebook videos on their Facebook page.

2. Choose your Topic Wisely:

The number one video category for Facebook videos is food- in fact; it gets twice the number of average interactions than the second topic on the list, Fashion & Beauty.

So, while the top sectors are important to note- it’s also worth looking at the categories generating the least engagement. The bottoms five on the list are Education, Cars, Marketing, Real Estate, and Finance/Stocks. Try to find out the most trending topic at that time.

3. Time Period of the Video:

Typically, shorter Facebook videos are more likely to grab the attention of the viewers.

The highest rated duration includes clips that fall from 60 to 90 seconds – after 90 seconds, engagement falls consistently until you reach the 6-minute point, where it remains fairly constant. Most viewers decide quickly whether or not to watch, and once that decision is made, they tend to stick around until the end of the video, when they detect that the video is wrapping up, another drop off occurs.

4. Facebook Live Feeds:

The popularity of Facebook videos is growing, with around 20% of all Facebook video content coming from the source based on April 2017 data.

Most people interact with live feeds longer than regular videos, with around 15 minutes being the sweet spot. In fact, the top 10,000 Facebook videos came in at an average of about 20 minutes long.

5. Average Number of Interactions:

Users generally report a higher level of engagement with Facebook videos, and about 25% more comments tend to be left on these when compared to regular clips. Today, visual media gets more views and shares than the normal text, so we should be using the visual media more and more.

Your simple content is not going to engage, so you need to brush them up by using some media. Through which you can get the best results and get the traffic. Visual media is the best weapon to outshine the crowd and to prove yourself to the people.

Try these ways to create your videos on Facebook, and let me know if these work!